Recall Senator Josh Newman

Let's Fire Josh Newman

By signing the petition to recall Senator Josh Newman, you are taking the first step in fighting future taxes!

Use this calculator to determine how much more you will have to pay in taxes each year when you go to fill up your tank.

Newman Votes For Senate Bill 1
SB1 imposes a $5.2 billion annual tax on gasoline and vehicle registration. This tax increase was never approved by voters.
Bad Fit For His District
Josh Newman is a bad fit because he voted against his district and in favor of the gas and car tax.
Voting Against the Middle Class
The middle class in Newman's district have seen their cost of living go up and he needs to explain why he voted to increase their taxes.
Break the 2/3 Majority
By recalling Josh Newman, voters can break the Democrats 2/3 majority to prevent them from passing tax increases without going for voter approval.

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